Sat 12
Men's 3rd X1
Cirencester A
Swindon 3rd XI - Cirencester

Swindon 3rd XI - Cirencester

By Richard Rosema
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0 - 5

Fielding a younger average line-up than the opposition, and a less experienced defence than we would have liked, this was a game to keep players on the field and stick to a formation which we're becoming familiar with.
However, Steve Hateley had other ideas very early on, taking a ball to the bridge of his nose and was ushered to the sideline for treatment, before bravely returning to the field later in the game. (Young Owen Hateley required words of comfort who looked whiter than a sheet at the state of his dad.)
Not to be outdone, Nick Vigar hit the deck 7 seconds later into the game with his knee apparently deciding it wasn't taking any further part in this match.
Cirencester were quick to capitalise on our misfortune and struck a couple of times - one with a well-worked short corner with two of Swindon's rush defence having never being on the receiving end of a short corner before.
At the half time whistle, we were trailing 0 - 3, with the goals coming in the first 15 minutes of play.
What could have otherwise been a higher scoring game against us, the team did a good job working on counter-attack opportunities and slowing the ball. Ed Hickey made several fantastic saves throughout the match, and we only conceded twice in the second half.
Final score : Swindon 0 - Cirencester 5
MOTM - Alastair Young for fantastic support at the back, while still playing a crucial midfield role.
DOTD - Nick "five minutes game time is plenty" Vigar
Our team continues to improve, putting into practice what we're working on in training.
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Sat 12, Oct 2019



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East Central 1

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Cirencester A
Swindon B